Our qualified instructors will convert your foreign license to the SACAA standards - then you are good to go! Hire and Fly our amazing 2006 model C172 or C206 fitted with the Garmin 1000. We also assist you with all the flight planning or even send a safety pilot with you. Flying in Africa is the best and you will have a true bush flying experience.


We have planned an epic trip for you already. Just book, file the flight plan and go! Have a look:


  • Game Drives
  • Tiger Fishing
  • Bush Walking Safaris
  • Scenic Flights
  • Wine Tasting
  • African Boma
  • Guided Tours
  • Historic Tours
  • Golf


To be capable of flying South African registered aircraft you are required to validate your current license to a South-African license to comply with the South African Civil Aviation Authorities. Converting your license to a South-African license  is a process that should not worry one at all, as our guidance and assistance will ease the process and simplify the complete process in gaining a foreign license validation for PPL/VFR/DAY privileges with us.

Prior to arrival in South-Africa the following original or CERTIFIED copies of:

  • Valid and Current license
  • Valid Medical certificate
  • Valid Radio license
  • Valid ICAO English language proficiency - min Level 4
  • The last 3 pages of your logbook (with the instructors signatures where your specific type of aircraft was flown, that you wish to fly in South Africa)
  • 2 color passport photos
  • Passport Copy
  • Completed CAA form 61-01-13 

All your documents will be reviewed to ensure a successful submission. You will be issued with a PPL / VFR / Day by the CAA. The 

Your license will be ready upon arrival in South-Africa

Once you arrived in South-Africa, depending on experience you will conduct a two day training and familiarization course, which will consist of the following.

  • Attend our briefing on South-African Air Law, Meteorology, Flight Planning and Performance
  • Do a familiarization flight with an instructor of Johannesburg airspace and its surroundings
  • Complete an Official Air Law Exam written in house where all subjects will be briefed on
  • Complete a PPL Flight Test
  • Attend a flight specific briefing on your routing
  • All the above will be conducted at our facilities

Day 1

Operational Specific Ground School on South African Air Law, Local Meteorology, Flight Performance and Planning and the Garmin 1000.

Familiarization flight in the Cessna 172SP (To Prepare for the skills test) on Johannesburg airspace and its surroundings.

Day 2

Complete the official air law exam, and prepare for the Practical Skills Test.

Complete a PPL Skills Test, after the skills test a specific route briefing will be given on the safari flight which is about to be commenced.

Once all these points has been completed and you satisfied your instructor that you are to a safe and proficient standard, your license will be endorsed by the instructor and will be current, which means you will be able to get airborne in a South-African registered aircraft and commence your safari flight.

Once you have received your itinerary with confirmed lodge bookings we will provide you with the following:

  • Charts and routing information for your flying requirements
  • Route planning for your flight, with all the required Nav Aids and Frequencies included
  • Briefing on Restricted Airspace and specific procedures
  • Destination Airfields with Aerial photographs for easy identifications

We will also do the following Information Briefings to boost your confidence:

  • Taxiing and Parking briefings for various airfields
  • Fueling and payment options
  • Contact sheet with all emergency numbers and overnight points
  • Customs information
  • Possible Alternates